428233_10151376849219875_1938843380_nXyston Solutions provides world-class training and analytical support to the warfighter as well as our civilian customers. Our experts are especially adept at providing a controlled learning environment and strive to develop an institutional reservoir of tactical and operational knowledge. Taking the mantra, “humble, approachable and credible” as their creed, they form a fraternity of trusted advisors and problem-solvers. We use an integrated full spectrum approach to customer support. Our experts invest in building an understanding of the organization, its mission, and its people. This approach allows Xyston Solutions to tailor and anticipate support requirements so the user can focus on the mission. Using detailed and proven training management techniques and programs our team strives to provide precision analysis and expertise at the point of organizational need.

simulationXyston Solutions utilizes subject matter experts who have provided both platform instruction and supported classroom instruction for a number of courses involving advanced air warfare training, tactics, techniques and procedures. Our personnel meticulously developed and facilitated multiple government approved courseware sets for USAFWS tailored specifically for Special Operations Forces platform systems training including the modeling and implementation of scenarios designed to replicate enemy combat tactics. These courses reinforced the training environment as students learned to operate complex air warfare platforms and the accompanying systems. Though our unique expertise that was fostered through the relationships with the Special Operations Forces communities in a multitude of real world and training environments, we are able to conduct needs analysis, implementations of designs, sustaining a portfolio of programs that reflect and target the actual technical training needs and developmental criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of training activities all of which decrease downtime during training activities and eliminate excessive costs.

box trainingXyston Solutions’ team experience includes the management of the entire strategic planning process, from defining client problems and identifying potential opportunities to leading small and large-scale facilitation efforts and documenting results and implementing action plans. Xyston Solutions’ personnel have initiated change management experiences, leading engagements that have helped business units achieve improved individual and team performance results. Our personnel have spearheaded extensive training, communication, and interpersonal interaction with executives, managers, and teams as they experience new procedures and technologies in the workplace. Contact us to discuss how we can support your training efforts and needs.