6l-imageThe staff at Xyston Solutions has a great depth and breadth of experience in the conduct of fundamental research as it is one of our core capabilities. We have developed methodologies for study and executed technical, qualitative, and quantitative research in the advancement of technologies, policy, and warfighting for a number of federal agencies including but not limited to the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation. In our efforts to advance the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding, we have conducted technical reviews and materials testing, requirements analyses, financial viability reviews, safety reviews, and analyses of alternatives for everything from aircraft to force structure to radar and visual systems.

Our staff has also has extensive experience developing and executing studies and providing high quality research and analysis. We are skilled in the use of advanced academic and professional research techniques and procedures, and we use software and other systems that meet or exceed the industry standard. We are able to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Industrial base analyses
  • Cost, requirements, and feasibility analyses
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Inferential and predictive analyses
  • Programmatics and budget/PPBE analyses
  • Operations Research
  • Simulations and wargame management and analytics

analysisOur blend of qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques has influenced critically important programming and budgetary decisions at the highest levels of government but also lent itself easily to tactical and operational decision-making by both government and private sector clientele. We have developed and implemented model and analysis architecture as well as created extensive, sustainable data catalog systems. Our staff members are experienced analysts and users of a number of model suites to include system dynamics, human behavior, physics models, force structure models, cost models, and weapons systems models.

Our work has resulted in warfighting capabilities that function effectively when required and detect and correct deficiencies, weak parts, and workmanship defects that affect functionality. Our team of experienced engineers, analysts, pilots, and other subject matter experts are able to provide insight to determine actual and potential time between failures, down time, and cost estimation. We have experience with both simple and complex systems and can tailor different methods for approximating solutions.

Our commitment to quality support and deliverables is firm and proven. Few other firms can claim to be the home of professionals with these accolades in their portfolios. Contact us to discuss your research, studies, or analytical requirements.