The Xyston Solutions’ team supports our customers in developing a Quality Assurance Program to implement strategies and methods to ensure three things: 1) the project is being managed, developed, and deployed in a sound, reasonable way; 2) the project’s deliverables are of acceptable quality before they are delivered to the project’s clients; and 3) an Operational Excellence Program exists, incorporating Lean Six Sigma methodologies to eliminate waste and error; thereby, increasing efficiency, resulting in cost savings/cost avoidance.

Our experienced Quality Assurance staff helps our customers establish criteria for quality standards and metrics that apply to all products, processes, and services program wide; structure systems for controlling and monitoring adherence to prescribed criteria; and identify adverse trends. Quality reviews of services and products are conducted and reported across the program, and critical findings are reported to the Program Manager and/or customer where issues are addressed and incorporated into a closed-loop corrective action process. In addition, the QA program provides additional oversight to support total program QA and consistency, efficiency, and objectivity of assessments and reviews. A corrective and preventive action process is incorporated into our comprehensive Risk Management Plan.

Quality Assurance reports are included in our weekly and monthly status reports and quarterly Program Management Reviews to inform QA status across all task orders, including any assessment findings and progress of ongoing QA Program initiatives. Over the course of the program, and as new task orders are initiated, we will work collaboratively with the customer to develop metrics that reflect the changing needs of the program. Contact us to see how our Quality Assurance professionals can help you.