Our Quality Assurance Manager and the Xyston Solutions team’s commitment to Total Quality Management is reflected in our Quality Assurance (QA) Plan, which incorporates lessons learned and best practices and is tailored to meet the specific requirements of any awarded task order. It acts as a template for implementing an effective QA Program and spans all internal and external activities that involve the creation of efficient processes and generation of usable data.

The principal elements of Xyston Solutions’ Quality Assurance Management approach are planning, implementation, documentation, assessment and corrective action, and continuous improvement. QA represents the integrated program for defining and ensuring the consistency and reliability of all services and technical systems and to ensure the results of every Xyston Solutions project and task are of sufficient and appropriate quality to meet all customer requirements and objectives.

In order to be effective in all areas, Xyston Solutions’ QA program is designed to be flexible so that it can address the project’s specific needs, practical so that it can be fully implemented, and effective so that it can identify deficiencies and trends. It is implemented by qualified QA personnel who possess the capabilities needed to identify quality issues and noteworthy practices that should be transferred to other projects or areas of work. Through weekly reviews, the QA and Program Managers will require each teammate to follow Xyston Solutions’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), regularly update the program’s staffing database as it pertains to their staff, and maintain similar benefits and rewards programs.